Runnin' Outta Time

from by Skum Shine

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Well you don't always love me
And the stupid shit I say
So I guess I'm your Don Cherry
And you're my darling, Ron MacLean

And we fall back on old habits like sleepin on the floor
Sometimes it’s cause we're so black out drunk
Sometimes it’s cause we're bored
Remember that time that we stole that car
We didn't make it very far
The police caught up to us
So I turned on CBC and George Strombolopolous was sayin
There’s fire raining down on our planet tonight
And I said that’s fuckin great George but I'm runnin out of time

And I've got all these issues
That I can't or won’t resolve
Like you carry that baggage
And you never set it down

And so we fall back on old habits
Like sleepin on the floor
Sometimes it’s cause we're so fuckin weak
Sometimes it’s cause we're bored

With our initials spray painted across that bridge
We were so innocent as kids
But the seasons always change
Like our tattoos always fade
And everything that you believed to be true always just a lie
When your guilty conscience eats you like a giant pizza pie
I'm runnin out of time.

Yeah and I swear that I don't care
If we ever tie this knot
As long as when I come home from work the stereo is on
And we fall back on old habits like sleepin on the floor
I guess it’s cause we're just so in love
And we don't need anything more

Remember when we saw the northern lights
But they really weren't as bright
As we were lead to believe
Well isn’t that the problem baby
Today with everything
Everyone just wants to say "Yeah I've been there and I've done that"
And I took these cellphone photos and I bought this silly hat
And I'm so happy and fulfilled, just check my Instagram

Well I know you're just as fucked up as you've always though I am
So go ahead and spend your life trying to win some prize
But to me this life’s a carnival and I'll ride every ride
Ms. Frizzle said take chances, makes mistakes and make a mess
And I've carried her works with me every day since I was ten

When I would stare alone in my room looking out the glass
Seeking to the answers to the questions that most people never ask
I'll probably never figure out why I feel so lost
But if I spent my life searching what would even be the cost

Yeah I'm runnin out of fucks to give
And I'm running out of cigarettes
And I'm running out of jokes to make
Out of all the pour choices I make
And I ran from my home town
And all my petty crimes
So if it seems like I’m moving fast
It's cause I'm runnin out of time


from Warm Beer & a Cold Sleeping Bag, released February 13, 2016
Written by Trevor Griffiths



all rights reserved


Skum Shine Vancouver, British Columbia

Smoking cigarettes in bed. Eating Kraft Dinner out of the pot. Writing words on cardboard and holding it so people have to read it. Picking up instruments. Putting down instruments. Relentless existential anxiety. Brown rice.

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